How to make your own Glitch Art in 5 easy steps

The design of this website was inspired by a recent re-interest and appreciation for Glitch Art. In part no less thanks to this great post by Github user ucnv, entitled: "The Art of PNG Glitch".

These techniques absolutely fascinate me. There's just something about the result of these effects and the theroretical premises they're based upon that both intrigue the intellect whilst simultanously tickling the imagination.

Nevertheless we live in a hectic world and in a bid to speed things up, rather than deep dive into the theory and write my own routines I instead reached for 'Google' (or rather, Duck Duck Go) and low and behold I discovered this great, albeit somewhat limited, online ImageGlitcher tool.

So here's my:

5 step recipe for creating your own Glitch Art.

  1. Take a photo or find / use an existing photo - almost any image will do although it does seem to work better with certain images than others.
  2. Go to the ImageGlitcher website
  3. Drag your chosen photo into the ImageGlitcher
  4. Modify the parameters
  5. Save your Glitch Art

Have fun & always remember to Glitch responsibly!